Key Objectives

  • Provide real-time network visibility to Imagine
  • Provide network performance monitoring at customer’s endpoint
  • Provide capability to independently monitor and verify SLAs parameters
  • Facilitate Imagine in improving customer satisfaction
  • Facilitate in troubleshooting and identifying network fault’s locations


Sends SMS, along with keywords by relevant Government departments, to request for information from the public.

Probe Capabilities

  1. Real-time Performance Monitoring
    Relays the active ongoing network status to a centealised monitoring centre.
  2. Synthetic Quality of Service (Qos) Tests
    Performs Qos tests to monitor nerwork capabilities are meeting the standards or requirements.



Monitoring Support

  • Configuration of Probes
  • Installation of Probes at Customer Sites
  • QOS Monitoring and Testing
  • Link Uptime
  • Real-Time Link Status Report and Notification
  • Traffic Statistic
  • Monthly Reports