Fixed Line Business Plan

One Time Charges

Deposit  $50
Installation $50

* Yellow/Red/Purple IC and expatriates working with Government Sector

Monthly Charges

Monthly Rental $13
Each additional fixed line rental  $13

Documentation required for business applicants
Copy of 16-17 form
Copy of X-form

Local Calls

The fixed telephone system in Brunei Darussalam comprises of four districts:

  • Brunei/Muara 2XX XXXX
  • Belait 3XX XXXX
  • Tutong 4XX XXXX
  • Temburong 52X XXXX

Local Calls and Calls to Mobile

Local Calls and Calls to Mobile enable you to contact anyone staying in same district, inter-district or anyone using a mobile phone. However you have to make sure that the telephone number dialled is correct. The Cheap Rate Period begins from 7.00pm to 6.00am for calls to mobile. No charge is made if the number dialled is busy or there is no reply.

Call Charges

Fixed Lines to Fixed Lines

Local Calls
(Same District and Inter-District)
$0.03 / min

Fixed Lines to Fixed Mobile

Standard Rate $0.03 / min

International Direct Dialing (IDD) Service

Subscribers can access IDD facilities by dialing:

You can also recharge with our Budget call or 098 Prepaid Cards
Click here to view IDD International Rates.

Charging of International Calls

Subscribers can access IDD facilities by dialing:

Local Calls

IDD calls will be charged at 6 second blocks.
Operator Assisted calls will be charged at minimum rate which covers up to three minutes conversation after which each additional minute or part of a minute, will be one minute charge.



An official bill for every calling number will furnish the following information: DATE-TIME-CALLED COUNTRY-CALLED NUMBER (Country Code, Area Code and Telephone Number) - DURATION AND CHARGE will be given for every international call whether direct dialled or operator assisted.



Teleport service allows you to take your office fixed line telephone number to any location. This service is perfect when you are moving office to different exchanges or different districts. Your customers will still be able to contact you at your current telephone numbers. Best of all you don't have to go through the hassle of informing all your contacts since you still have your existing fixed telephone number.

Monthly Charges
Corporate & Government $5.00
Monthly charges are not inclusive of fixed line rental and usage charges. New subscribers will have to pay for all calls made according to the fixed charges.

Add on


caller id

Caller ID

Subscribe to Caller ID service to have the caller number displayed on your telephone.

Electronic Lock

Electronic Lock

Protect unauthorized use of your phone by simply barring your local, STD, 01 or IDD calls.

Phone Xtra

Phone Xtra

Get more for your phone with Abbreviated Dialing, Call Transfer, Call Waiting, Hotline, Automatic Wake-up and Three Party Conference.

caller id

Extra Lock

Package combining Electronic Lock service with PhoneXtra.




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