About Us

Are you ready for what's coming next?

imagine is more than a new name and look. It's a fresh way of thinking and doing. From the way you stay in touch with your world, to how you shape, create, and capture the future, imagine is all about the amazing possibilities.

We champion freedom, flexibility, simplicity and transparency through our cool new mobile, broadband and bundled products and services. And we want you to have the power to stay connected and in touch in awesome new ways.

This is just the beginning. Because, when you dare to imagine with us today, tomorrow is the start of many firsts.

Our Vision

To be a force of transformation in Brunei, helping accelerate people and businesses into the future.

Our Mission

Empowering every resident in Brunei to imagine, create & experience the future through next-gen telecom solutions.

Core Values


Endlessly questioning the status quo and thinking of possibilities that don’t exist.


Consistently backing thoughts with action that is comfortable venturing into the unfamiliar.


Effectively translating the new and complete into meaningful value-adds to people’s lives.


Obsessively striving for the next big thing without allowing complacency to set in.


Relentlessly moving fast with a mindset that isn’t afraid to fail, learn and progress.


imagine yourself in a team with a fresh way of thinking and doing. Do you want to shape, create, and capture the future? imagine is all about the amazing possibilities. If walking the talk and getting things done sound like you, get in touch. We'd love to explore possibilities together. At imagine, we always strive to be at the forefront of and lead the telecommunication industry. As we value our people foremost, we provide an array of in-house and overseas training courses, enabling us to continuously hone skills and increase abilities of our team members.

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