Mobile FAQ

General Questions on Mobile

Where can I get imagine’s Mobile SIM?

You can get it from any imagine Centre closest to you!

How do I perform the first activation on my Postpaid line?

Your SIM will be activated upon successful registration. However, please allow a maximum window of up to an hour in case it is not activated shortly after successful registration.

Is there a limit to the number of SIM cards a user can purchase?

There is a limit of 10 SIMs per customer account.

What are Boosters?

Boosters are one-time purchases that you can make to customise your mobile experience. It can be used to add data, SMS or even talk minutes to your plan!

Please take note that:

  • All Boosters are stackable (unless stated otherwise), which means, subscribers can have multiple of the same type of boosters active at the same time;
  • Booster validity is calculated on an hourly basis (instead of day-based)

Boosters will be automatically de-allocated when they reach their expiry date or have been fully utilised (100%).

How many types of Boosters do you have?

For our Dream Postpaid Mobile Plan, we have: 

  1. Standard Data Boosters
  2. SMS Only Boosters
  3. Voice Only Boosters
  4. Time-Bound Data Boosters (Data that you can use within a specified time period)

Can I purchase Boosters via USSD?

Unfortunately, no, you can only purchase Boosters through our imagineMobile app, imagine Web Self-Care and over the counter. 

I have purchased two or more of the same type of Boosters, which will be utilised first?

The one with the earlier expiry date will be consumed first.

Can I purchase multiple different types of Boosters? i.e. Purchase Standard Data Booster and Time-Bound Data Booster?

Yes, you can purchase multiple different types of boosters at the same time. However, the validity starts upon successful purchase.

I purchased a wrong Booster in the app, how do I get a refund?

Unfortunately, there will be no refund for a successful purchase.

How do I configure my internet manually?

For iPhone users:
Go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Network > Configure > Under APN, type:

For Android users:
Go to Settings > Mobile Network > Under APN:
Name: imagine



What is the Dream Postpaid Plan?

For this mobile plan, the customer pays at the beginning of every month based on the plan they are subscribed to, and any additional charges accrued during the month.

When will the data be refreshed?

The data will be refreshed on the 1st of every month.

If I purchase on 15th February 2020, is the data pro-rated?

Both bill and data allowance shall be pro-rated depending on the day of the month they sign up.

Do the free local calls and local SMS include calls and SMS to other local mobile operators and landlines?

Yes, they do include calls and SMS to local mobile operators and landlines.

What will happen once I fully utilise the local data on my bundle?

Data usage notifications will be sent to customers when they use 75%, 85% and 90% of their data. Once data from the base pack has been fully used, the customer will be on PAYG rates.

How will I receive my bill?

We will send your bill to the email address you have provided to us. Therefore, it is important for you to provide us with an active and accurate email address. 

What happens if I don’t pay my bill by the due date?

If you don’t pay your bill by the date indicated on your bill, your line will be suspended one day after the due date.

Will there be a late charge fee if I don’t pay my bill by the due date?

There will be no late charge fee. However, we will suspend your line one day after the due date.

Do you have any available option for Postpaid Plans?

You can choose to sign up for contract OR non-contract plans.

What are the contracts available for Postpaid customers?

We offer 6 and 12 month-contracts for Postpaid Plans. We also offer no contract plan should you be interested to try us out!



How can I register for a Prepaid plan?

Head to our imagine Centre or register via Online Store on our imagine website.

What’s in the Wish Prepaid Starter Pack?

Wish Prepaid Starter pack comes with:
- Free 1GB data (Customer can check the free 1GB via APP/WSC)
- $5 Credit
- Both have 30 days validity

Where can I buy credit top-ups/vouchers and Boosters?

1) Credit top-ups:
    - All imagine Centres
    - Mobile App / Web Self Care
    - Third-party retailers
2) Vouchers
    - All imagine Centres
    - Third-party retailers
3) Boosters
    - All imagine Centres
    - Mobile App / Web Self Care

What are 'stackable’ Boosters?

You can buy and ‘stack’ Boosters on top of an existing one, as long as they’re of the same type.

e.g. If you buy a Lifestyle Social booster, you can stack a Lifestyle Video or Lifestyle Social booster on top of it.

Boosters will be used up according to date/time of purchase.

Is Wish Prepaid 4G+ Enabled?

Yes, our plans are 4G+ enabled.

Do your plans have contract periods?

No, there are no contracts for Wish Prepaid.

Is there any annual license fee?

As for now, annual license fees are on us until further notice.

What are your PAYG rates?

The PAYG rates are:
- Local Data $0.01/ 256kb
- Local Calls $0.05/ 30 secs
- Local SMS $0.05 / SMS (160-character limit)

When do PAYG rates apply?

PAYG rates apply if you have no active Boosters, and remains so until you:
1) run out of credit, or;
2) reach the Daily Cap (and receive Daily Cap reward)

What is Daily Cap?

This means we’ve set your daily PAYG usage to $15. When you reach Daily Cap, you’ll receive Unlimited data* on us! The Daily Cap reward is only valid until the end of the day i.e. 11:59 PM.
*Terms & Conditions apply

What if I exceed the Daily Cap reward?

You will then be charged PAYG rates.

How can I check, recharge or transfer my credit?

*610# for Main Menu
*610*1# - to Check balance
*610*2# - to Show bonus data from credit recharge
*610*3# - to Recharge credit with purchased vouchers
*610*4# - to Transfer credit to another Wish Prepaid line
*611# - Directly recharge credit with voucher
*616# - Directly check balance
*617# - Directly transfer credit

Are credit transfers free of charge?

Yes. However, there must be a minimum balance of $5 before and after credit transfer.

What is the Credit Top-Up validity extension?

You can extend your Credit Top-Up validity period when you buy any top-up. The expiry date will be extended from date of purchase of top-up (not from expiry date), as long as the ‘new’ expiry date is later than the current expiry date (see examples below).

Example 1: Your current expiry date is 15th April. You buy a $5 top-up (90 days extension) on 1st April. Your new expiry date will be 14th July.

Example 2: Your current expiry date is 15th July. You buy a $10 top-up (90 days extension) on 1st April. Your new expiry date would be 14th July, which is earlier than your current expiry date. Therefore, your expiry date will not be extended.

Can I view my Usage History?

As for now, this feature is not yet available.

I forgot to top up! Will my Prepaid line be deactivated?

You can still top up within 60 days after the expiry date. Depending on the grace period, a portion of your credit balance will be refunded prior to top-up (see below).

Credit Refund Rule
Grace Days for refund No. of days after credit expiry Refund % of Credit
Grace 1 0-7 days 100%
Grace 2 8-14 days 80%
Grace 3 15-30 days 50%
Grace 4 31-60 days 0%

What happens if I don’t top up within the grace period?

Your Prepaid line will be permanently deactivated.

Can I top up via BIBD app?

As for now, top-up via BIBD app is not yet available.

Can I choose my Prepaid number?

You can only choose Standard numbers for Wish Prepaid.

I want to keep my existing DST/PCSB number. Can I port in to imagine?

Yes! Head to our imagine Centre and our staff would be happy to assist with porting your number.

I am currently on Dream Postpaid. Can I change to Wish Prepaid?

Yes! Head to our imagine Centre and our staff would be happy to assist with your request.

Do bear in mind that customers on Postpaid contract will have to pay the remaining months of contract period, outstanding bill and claw-back of the promotion that has been awarded, as well as any unbilled charges.

How do I change ownership of my Prepaid line?

Head to our imagine Centre and our staff would be happy to assist with your request.

What will happen to my credit balance if I replace my SIM?

Credit balance will remain the same in your new SIM, as long as it’s still the same number.

Will I be notified if my credit balance or Prepaid line expires?

You will be notified one (1) day & seven (7) days before the expiry date.

Will I be notified when I use up my Boosters?

You will be notified when you reach 50%, 80% and 100% utilised data for Boosters.


Annual License Fee

What is Annual License fee?

It is an annual mobile license fee of B$25.00 that every mobile subscriber pays per mobile line. It is charged starting on the date of registration and then annually on each anniversary until the service is terminated.

What is the change to the Annual License fee?

From 24th January 2020 onwards, the $25 Annual License fee is revised to B$0.

Who is entitled to a refund of the Annual License fee?

Prepaid and postpaid mobile subscribers whose Annual License fees were due on or after 24 January 2020 and have paid for it, including subscribers whose accounts have been temporarily disconnected or terminated after paying the Annual License fee.

My Annual License fee was due on 24th January 2020 and I have paid it to mobile service provider A. On 25th January 2020, I ported my mobile number to mobile service provider B. Who will refund my Annual License Fee?

Mobile Service Provider A will refund your Annual License Fee.

Will I be refunded if my Annual License fee is due before 24th January 2020?

No, you will not be refunded.

When will I be refunded the Annual License Fee?

Customers will be refunded starting from the 30th day after the official public announcement.

How will I get refunded?

For affected Dream Postpaid subscribers, imagine will provide a rebate by reducing B$25 from the next month’s bill.

For affected Wish Prepaid subscribers, Imagine will credit B$25.00 (or any amount deducted for the Annual License fee) to the total mobile credit amount.

For subscribers who have terminated their mobile number after paying the Annual License fee on or after 24th January 2020, the fee will be refunded directly to your bank account. Kindly Talk2Us at 111 or visit your nearest imagine centre for a refund application.

Who should I contact for more information about refunding the Annual License Fee?

Talk2Us at 111 or visit your nearest imagine centre for updates on the refund process.


Number Portability

What is Number Portability?

Number Portability is a service that allows you to keep your existing phone number (“porting your number”) be it mobile or fixed, when you decide to switch your service provider within Brunei. We call this “Number Portability Service”.


Note: customer’s current service provider will issue a bill for the usage on their Postpaid account even when they have moved to a new service provider.


Who can enjoy Number Portability services?

All mobile or fixed line customer who has an active mobile or fixed line service can enjoy Number Portability service.

Which service providers am I able to port to?

You can keep your number when you change your number between imagine, DST and Progresif.

Can I port my Mobile phone number?

Yes. Brunei Number Portability is available to all Postpaid and Prepaid Mobile phone numbers.

Can I port my existing fixed line phone number?

Yes. You can keep your existing fixed line number if you change from the previous Service Provider to your chosen service provider.

Can I port between mobile phone and fixed line phone number?

No. You only can port between mobile phone numbers and between fixed line phone numbers.

What (documents) do I need to submit to my chosen Service Provider for Porting?

All you need to bring is your IC, to any of our the branches operated by your chosen Service Provider.

Customer must not have any overdue outstanding with previous Service Provider.

Customer must ensure that all overdue (past due) outstanding is settled prior to porting.

Can I still request for the porting if I am not the account holder?

No. The account holder must be the one to make the request to port.



Will this service be available for online application?

Number Porting for imagine’s Postpaid and Pre-Paid mobile service is now available on

How do I make a request to port my number from the previous Service Provider to imagine?

You can visit any of our stores. Kindly review our operation hours on our website. You may also call us at our Talk2Us customer care line at 111 to find out further details prior to making a decision.



Can I change my mobile plan when I port my phone number?

Yes. You can choose any plans you desire for your next preferred Service Provider.

Do I get a new SIM Card for porting?

Yes. You will receive a new SIM card during the time of request to port at our imagine centre  or via imagine’s website.

Can I still receive SMS/Calls/Emails/data once service from the previous Service Provider is deactivated?

No, you will not be able to receive any incoming SMS/calls/Emails/data once service is deactivated.

What happens to my existing **VAS/Quota Top Ups/allocated quota/Voicemail/text messages? **Value Added Service

All VAS/ Quota Top Ups/ allocated quota/Voicemail/text messages from your previous service provider will be void. However, you will be able to select new plan and VAS with your new Service Provider as you wish.

Can I still be contacted by my previous Service Provider once I have successfully ported out?

Your former Service Provider is only allowed to contact you to recover any outstanding payments, should there be any.

Can I still use their current Service Provider’s service during the wait/transition time?

You will still be able to use their existing/previous Service Provider’s service during the wait/transition time and you will be liable to pay the period of usage of the service to the previous Service Provider. Once the service provider receives an SMS confirmation from you to validate your porting request, you will not be able to use the service.

I have not received a One-Time Password (OTP) on my porting request. Who shall I contact?

Customer would need to contact the new service provider or visit any of their stores for help.

How long will I face service disruption?

You will face a service disruption of minimum 3 hours to a maximum of 24 hours.



Will I need to make the request to cancel my existing mobile/telephone service directly with the existing Service Provider before switching to another provider?

No, that’s not necessary as when you sign your porting request form with imagine, you are automatically authorising us to instruct the former Service Provider to disconnect the service when porting takes place.

What if my service does not work after the port?

You would need to contact the new service provider either 111 for imagine, 151 for DST or 177 for Progresif or visit any branches operated by your Service Provider of choice for assistance.

Will there be any circumstances where the Service Provider can decline the porting request?

Yes, only when you have an outstanding due amount with the previous Service Provider.



How much does Brunei Number Portability cost?

Free of charge. The porting of your phone number from one Service Provider to another is free.

What happens if I still have balance in my Prepaid number?

Any remaining balance will be forfeited upon successful porting.

Will my existing Postpaid bill cycle change?

Your bill cycle will change as per your new Service Provider’s business rules.

Will I incur any penalty costs for leaving a provider?

This will depend on your agreed terms and conditions of service from the previous Service Provider. 

Do I need to pay annual license fee again when porting?

No, your annual license fee date will be carried over from your previous service provider.

What happens if I have current outstanding with my previous provider?

The amount will reflect in your last bill from your previous provider and will need to be settled before the specified due date.

What happens if I have a contract with my previous provider?

The remaining contractual commitments will be reflected in your next bill.



When will porting be available in Brunei?

24th January 2020

How long after I port into my new Service Provider can I port again to another service provider?

You can only switch the same number to another Service Provider 3 months after the initial porting.

At what time can I request to port?

You can request to port any day of the week between 9:00am to 9:00pm depending upon the Operating Hours of each Service Provider.




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