Published date

20 January 2020

imagine begins community engagement in lead up CNY

As the community prepares to usher in the Chinese New Year, dozens of Imagine team members travelled across the country to share the joy of this much anticipated celebration and distributed customised merchandise through all 9 of its branches.

A campaign led by imagine CEO Suzanna Suharju, this year’s focus was the imagine Centre located at The Mall in Gadong where Ms. Suharju met and greeted customers and presented them with Chinese New Year tarts and the universally recognised red packets as an expression of our gratitude to our loyal customers.

With other senior members of management assigned to Imagine’s other centres, this initiative marks Imagine’s first official community engagement under the company’s Customer Care and Trust purview under which, among others, we celebrate diversity of the Bruneian people whilst serving their needs first.

These merchandises have been earmarked for celebrating walk-in customers conducting counter transactions at Imagine centres on a first-come-first-serve basis until stocks last.

In the coming weeks, imagine will release new products and services that encompass broadband, mobile and bundles to meet the unique needs of each individual customers whether at home, at work, or on the move.

For more information regarding our services, kindly Talk2Us at 111 or get in touch through our social media platforms.